Strategy and survey

The Plimmerton Boating Club has a long proud history and an exciting future to navigate. Things like the sea, the sky and the joy of being on the water are eternal, but the world’s also changed a lot since 1925 and is changing fast.

Strategy sessions

In 2020, Committee kicked off some strategic planning work to build on the 2015 Strategic Plan, and set a course for the future.  

Over three facilitated workshops, a group made up of some Committee members and Club members identified:

  • A vision for the Club
  • A summary of the Club’s strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats coming from the world around us
  • Some strategic directions – 5-7 general thrusts of activity to realise the vision
  • Some actions

What people want  

The prioritising activity in the strategic directions session revealed a shortage of evidence about what matters most to Club members, and to the wider community around us.

So the first action out of the strategy work was for Committee to run a formal survey of Club members and the wider community.

This was done in 2021 with questions designed by a professional researcher.

Thanks to extensive promotion it received 1,076 responses (almost as many as Yachting NZ’s nationwide survey the same year).  


The surveying poster - as seen online and around the area


The survey data provide a clear picture of what people value about the Club and should continue, and highlights several strong mandates for change. You can read the Survey Report below.

Making headway

Committee then made some decisions about what we should do with the different mandates, and how fast. Read the summary of this session below.

To find out about these live work areas, and to help out with ongoing strategy work, See Progressing our Club.  

  • For more info on the strategy and surveying, contact Isabella Cawthorn.
  • For more info on analysis and decision-making about the survey info, contact Paddy Austin.