Plimmerton Boating Club 2017 Fishing Competition Results

By Richard, 06/03/2017
Craig Harrison's Winning Snapper 7.1kg

Results from the weekends fishing competition, despite the difficult conditions which ended with Sunday’s fishing being cut short at 10 am we had 125 competitors and 40 boats plus 1 surf caster.

Heaviest Snapper :- 7.1kg Craig Harrison
Average weight Snapper :- 2kg Brent Hansen
Ladies heaviest Snapper :- 5.58kg Jackie Mayne
Ladies average weight Snapper:- Sandra Hansen 1.92 kg

Heaviest Trevally:- 2.42kg * Andy Wyllie
Average weight:- 1.86kg Luke Milton

Heaviest Bluecod :- 2.72kg Bevan Riddel
Average weight:- 1.28kg Malcolm Priest

Heaviest Kingfish:- 6.34kg Grant Bennett
Average weight:- 5.64kg Mike Johnston

Heaviest Terakihi:- 2.42kg** Dave Cook
Average weight:- 1.06kg Bruce Odams

Heaviest Gurnard:- 0.96kg Karl Bouterey
Average weight:- 0.68kg Andrew Newbury

Heaviest Overall Weight:- 34.58kg Mike Johnston

First:- Zander Le Moray
Second:- Hilton McCullough
Third:- Kaleb McGill-Richmond

Crayfish average weight:- 1.4 kg Richard Bradley
Mystery weight:- Andrew Newbury
Total Weight:- 21.19kg Peter Clarence

Heaviest Butterfish:- 1.58kg *** John Bulleyment
Average weight:- 1.11kg Alice Porter

Due to a small data entry error the following 3 people should have received prizes but didn’t at the presentation however Plimmerton Boating Club recognise the mistake and has contacted the individuals below and will arrange appropriate prizes
* Trevally 2.9kg Curtis Nepia
** Terakihi 3.1kg Matt Bradley
*** Butterfish 1.72kg

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the sponsors, volunteers, PBC staff and all the competitors that made this a great weekend despite the unpleasant conditions.

Special thanks to :-
Hutt Valley Hunting and Fishing
Brittain Wynyard
Coastal Outboards
Petroleum Logistics
Sherrington Jewellers
Plumbing World
Tuohy Homes
Pinnacle Construction
Advance Electrical
SBA Mana
Ice Plant
The Big Salami

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